Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CSIR Leadership: Be Accountable.

The recent events in the press have exposed the mistreatment of CSIR scientists by the feudal leadership at CSIR.  This blog is created in the spirit of freedom and openness to support CSIR scientists and ALL other scientists of India who seek to innovate and create great science.

Let's begin with the leadership of CSIR.  Why have they simply ousted the messengers of THE REPORT (CSIR-TECH: The Path Forward)?  Why have we not even discussed its contents and tried to address the issues? We've taken the liberty of making this report available to all.

Chapter 7 of this draft report says it all.  Nature, New York Times, Hindustan Times, etc. have picked it up. It's clear the real reason that these guys got demolished by Brahmachari and Gag Ordered was because of the report. It provides us the answer why Indian scientists fail to achieve things in India while they accomplish a great deal outside (in Europe or USA). The spiteful retaliatory action by CSIR leadership does not surprise me at all.

Are we not used to media stories of an honest government officer or even an ordinary citizen being castigated and ruined? – Nonetheless one thing that surprises me a lot is the lack of any corrective action taken by PM, who is ironically also the President of CSIR. Should an honest, well-informed, and disciplined leader not take the responsibility early on and do everything possible to rectify the situation gone bad?

I would have definitely thought so especially when he was made aware of the situation long time back (as have been reported in the media). This expectation also comes from his tall media image. I think decision-makers and parliamentarians should read at least 2 chapters – History and Challenges.

There should be an independent time-bound inquiry of the whole CSIR set-up, and the findings of that inquiry should be made public to all. 


JVikramShastry said...

I used to work at CSIR. I know exactly what you mean. Thanks for making the report availabe. It makes no sense why "clean guy" Manmohan Singh is sitting on this and not doing anything.

Anonymous said...

It is this very lack of accountability which is the bane of Indian science. The pompousness and arrogance of some of our 'science Managers' has to be seen to be believed !

Ad believe me, this is not something which just affects CSIR !

Swapan Kumar Das said...

I extend my compassion to Dr Shiva Ayyadurai and also thank him for being the whistleblower. Shiva’s case is not new in CSIR. I was also guillotined by current DG CSIR. Every one in the Institute of Genomics and Integrative biology (IGIB) are fully aware about the incident associated with my resignation from CSIR, where I joined in the permanent position of Scientist –C on 29th July, 2004. I was unable to inform that incident to a higher authority, including PM or the science minister of India. Read my detailed comment posted on:

My comment was also posted on Nature for 4 days and then disappeared for some reason.

I have all official documents in my possession which support these facts. I was just unable to surrender myself to a dictatorial administration of CSIR and finally I submitted my resignation letter on 17th August, 2005

CSIR administration is unable to heed any good advice coming from some one younger than them. Work environment in CSIR institutes in most cases are dictatorial and really repeals productive scientists with a strong backbone and descent sense of morality and honesty. In CSIR you need to keep your mouth shut, no positive or negative criticism is acceptable to administration. Points noted by Shiva in chapter 7 of CSIR tech report are true in all sense based on my 15 month work experience in IGIB-CSIR. I have tolerated insults from close coterie of sycophants maintained my DG-CSIR. Those intellectually paralyzed, incompetent and non productive scientists work only as dictatorial CSIR administrations sycophant and are greatest obstacle to the growth of Indian science. I pray to the Indian Scientific community that “arise, awake and stop not till those filths are cleaned”.

Anonymous said...

The fact that an honest, well-informed, and disciplined leader has chosen not to side with Dr. Ayyadurai, speaks for itself regarding the merits of the case. The real issue of Dr. Ayyadurai's inability to perform, is being glossed over by people like Dr. Das, who have an axe to grind.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ayyadurai has called for an "open public forum"... So, there are no axes to grind, just to truth to come out... If he has performed or not performed will get clear in the that open forum discussion. Who is stopping this able and honest leader from presiding over this open public forum? Why shy away from this open dialogue that Ayyadurai has asked for? - PLEASE GO AND READ NATURE ARTICLE CAREFULLY.

Anonymous said...

The only thing needed for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.

-Edmund Burke

veda said...

Just read Dr. Ayyadurai's Nature article. Beyond all the noise of whether NRI's have problems coming back,etc. His courageous request for a public forum, where he himself is willing to openly, review documents with the opposing side should be taken up by the Government of India, IF they are honest and true. If they don't it shows them for who they are de facto says Ayyadurai was right.

Anonymous said...

What prevents taxpayers like us asking for accountability from people like Shiva Ayyadurai ? Given that he had been given a heavy pay package during his stint in CSIR, and that what he has managed to put up is a 7 chapter report that ridicules his capabilities, I think there should be an inquiry on the capabilities of Shiva Ayyadurai and his work in CSIR.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with Dr. Shiva. I am a scientist in one of the CSIR Labs. Here in CSIR, everything is top heavy. As if we do not know anything. Don't you guys feel it until it comes to you? Tell me how much percent of Scientist appointments in CSIR lab is without "recommendation"? You save my ass and I save yours! Isn't it the policy everywhere in India? Why cry? If you talk much you will be also in a position like Dr. Shiva. Have a good night's sleep!

Anonymous said...

Patriots and freedom lovers do not support the views expressed by UnoCSIR. please do not divert the discussion. it seems and ceratin that UnoCSIR is formed by the people from Samir's original lab. "Uno CSIR stands for a United CSIR. We strongly believe what CSIR stands for. The very cause of helping the people who have nobody else to help is what motivates us". As defined by Nehru CSIR means Council of Scientific and INDUSTRIAL Research. but whereever SAMIR goes he openly tells that he has changed CSIR into Council of Scientific and INNOVATIVE Research. Before talking like this and makinging mdifications in the aim of CSIR whether SAMIR has got the approval of Governing Body of CSIR. He thinks that he is above GB and above PM and CSIR is his private property. Those who work at CSIR presently accept the truth presented above. PM can take against SAMIR for working against the policy decisions of the parliament and the Govt. Certainly this will happen.- reproduced from ABI's Blog- NANOPOLITAN- a known sycophant-hypocrat

annamalaiar said...

Scientists become politicians. Like politicians they use, work of CIA or KGB or RAW or ISI. scientists also take excuses on these organisations. Even it is the work of CIA, what about the CSIR system, can it prevent CIA to enter CSIR. Most of bureaucrats in India are fond of America and its money their children earning from there. Human rights violations by Americal was never condemned by Indian bureaucracy and the Indian Scientsits. why India's any of the rul(ed)ing party ever condemned whther it is Irag , Afghanistan or vietnam. Can I accuse ANON: 64 as KGB agent or Laden's agent. No it is not the case. Please understand ground realities. Set right the system in CSIR. Forget about Ayyaduarai. let us ask Samir to set right the CSIR system, let him revolution, to make a democratic and real sytem oriented towards a real S&T to see CSIR the god father of technologies to Indian industries. Long live CSIR with new openess. Introspection and retrospection.- reproduced from ABI's Blog Nanopolitan- a known sycophant and hypocrat

Anonymous said...

We can share "embrace" of former dignatory of CSIR in the link:
The science & technology will perish in their hands. They are demolishers. oh, it is mashelkar...

Anonymous said...

I believe the crux of the problem in CSIR is not any individual. Following two important points are responsible for all the ills of CSIR:

1. Autonomy Status: Autonomy to CSIR has been given to free R&D from the clutches of bureaucracy. As a common working scientist, I have to move all my notes through Administration, Accounts and so on and my reserach is not free from bureaucracy. The autonomy is enjoyed / misused / abused by the authorities in CSIR; be it DGSIR or Directors of CSIR labs.

I do not buy the argument that without autonomy, CSIR cannot do world class research. DAE, ISRO, DRDO etc. are directly under the control of Ministry but still they have proved that the Indian Scientists can deliver.

Therefore, the forum, instead of targeting any individual, should campaign for abolishing the society status and bringing CSIR under the direct control of the Union Government.

2. Stopping the Import of Directors & DG: In my opinion it is a shame that the largest R&D organisation in the world, having more than 5000 scientists in its pay roll, cannot produce 6-7 Directors a year. Either the CSIR management or the Govt. of India feel that CSIR scientists are inferior in quality and therefore the Directors need to be imported from academic institutions.

Those Directors, who do not have any experience in industry related research, start thinking of purely academic research or blue sky research. They do not care for the views of CSIR scientists as they think they are much superior than CSIR scientists and they also expect the CSIR scientists to behave like their students. They do not have experience in organisational management as they straight come from the class room. This process demotivates the real working scientists of CSIR, encourages sychophancy and makes the scientists cynical.

Tagore yojana said...

Honest and straightforward people can understand the following: the present appointments as DIRECTORS/ACTING DIRECTORS in SOME CSIR labs by samirJi. AMONG THEM
How many are bengalis as Directors in various CSIR labs ?

CDRI-Luknow -Dr T K Chakraborty

CMERI, Durgapur--Prof Gautam Biswas

CRRI-New delhi- Dr S Gangopadhyay

NISTADS--Dr P Banerjee

Acting directors
Dr D K Bhattacharya - - CGCRI
Dr Sukomal Ghosh -- NML
Dr P Banerjee-- NPL (Additional Charge)